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Let’s begin by saying, the birth of Sharlaski’s Boutique did not originate by simply her coming up with a great idea. It is a story of PAIN & PROMISE!  What some don’t know is that Sharlaski was already a very successful entrepreneur as a leading Cosmetologist for twelve years prior to her opening up Sharlaski’s Boutique!  In all honest, cosmetology was something she loved doing;  it was her way of making her clients, who came from far and near beautiful. However, she experienced  the PAIN of unexplained illnesses that forced her to close the doors of her longtime cosmetology passion.   For the next few years, she was confined to her home, battling for her life.   It was during that time she discovered God’s new promise for her life.  She found a way to search deep within and re-invent herself in a different way but with that same passion.


In the latter part of 2006, her promise, which was filled with destiny was manifested.  She birthed her vision and realized her new dream by establishing Sharlaski’s Boutique.    A Christian boutique that was blessed from inception as it was coined as a boutique  that offers something for everyone.  Sharlaski has always desired to lift ladies by making them feel special.  She is gifted with a particular touch for fashion and style. Shopping with Sharlaski is a unique experience because she inspires every lady to assert their own beauty with confidence.  


Many of Sharlaski’s clients know her as First Pastor at Greater Realness Cathedral; where she serves with her husband in leading a ministry that is changing lives for the better.   She brings that same passion and love for women in servicing their fashion needs.  Sharlaski’s Boutique caters to the total woman; which allows every lady to discover her best self; one outfit at a time.  She has over 24 years experience as a business owner/entrepreneur; she has been often imitated but never duplicated.  Her style, grace and business model is exceptional and original.  


 Sharlaski has consistently elevated her business over the years.  She recently moved her location to 2217 Louisville Avenue Monroe, Louisiana.   This is only the beginning of more exciting things that Sharlaski has in store for the North Louisiana region and surrounding areas. Recently, the new addition of online shopping has been added to allow customers across the nation the convenience of shopping remotely.  This is extremely beneficial to her customers who live out of town or in other states who are physically unable to shop during store hours.   By attaining this new location she has doubled her inventory and square footage to allow for more variety and comfort for your shopping experience.   Lastly, Sharlaski is always locked and loaded with the latest trending styles and updated fashions.  Remember, SHARLASKI’S BOUTIQUE IS HERE FOR IT!


She continues to work hard, serve with humility and love; and offer vision for the future.   Sharlaski has founded an iconic and unique boutique where EVERY LADY IS A FIRST LADY.   Cheers to her 24 plus years of business life, laughter, love and looking good!

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